Bar Area at Van Dyke

Cultural Center - First Floor

Bull City Off Main Draft Cider

Not another mainstream cider. Off Main hard cider is the perfect blend of local apples, gluten-free yeast and amazing! A refreshingly crisp, easy drinking cider… NO BULL!

Foothills Pumpkin Ale

This crisp, dry ale uses pumpkin pie spices brewed with real pumpkin and a blend of malts to give Mom’s pumpkin pie some serious competition. A fall favorite.

Thousand Smiles

A golden ale to lift your spirits. Light bodied and slightly malt forward, with superior taste and a clea finish. Because nothing beats a great smile.

Hoppyum IPA

The Hoppyum IPA recipe is simple. Take some hoppy. Add some yum. North American malts lend a surprisingly sweet base to copious additions of citrusy Simcoe hops.


Inside every can of Truly is a fresh adventure just waiting to be opened (also plenty of seltzer). That’s because you never know where your next sip will take you.

Twisted Tea

What we love even more than the great taste of twisted tea is how twisted our fans are - and the results were clear: people love our hard iced tea that tastes like real iced tea.