Queen Bees

American Songwriter
Greensboro, NC
Sun, Sep 10, 2023
Lawn Stage

QUEEN BEES is a musical collaboration between three North Carolina-based musicians: Award-winning musician and journalist, Molly McGinn; renowned electronic music producer and songwriter, Quilla; and esteemed musician and creative producer Kate Musselwhite Tobey. They use an uplifting blend of traditional acoustic instruments, modern electronic components and the folk tradition of storytelling to drive unity in social justice causes. Their first track, “Ravens and the Wrens” (Ritual Fire Records, 2021), was inspired by the personal experiences of trans author Sam Peterson. Past collaborations between Molly McGinn and Quilla include “Wild and Kind” (2016)—a musical prayer written to raise awareness about plans to build a canal in Nicaragua that would devastate the local agricultural economy in its path. Collaborations between Quilla and Kate Tobey include “Old Souls” (2020) and forthcoming tracks “Bloodlines” and “You Belong Here,” which explore ancestry and migration.